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how to get the first two columns from the result

Aug 21, 2013 at 12:30 AM
I use "print(lsmeans)" and the results are like:

$V lsmeans
         V    lsmean        SE        df  lower.CL  upper.CL
        V1  95.6388         XX         XX  XX       xx
        V2  99.4101         XX         XX  XX       xx
        V3  98.8171         XX         XX  XX       xx
        V4  89.9479         XX         XX  XX       xx
        V5  88.5646         XX         XX  XX       xx
I am only interested in the first two columns" "V" and "lsmean". Is there any way to grab them out as two lists or a list of dictionaries with key (V) and value (lsmean)?

Much appreciated with any help.