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Save and Retrieve Model generated by Random Forest

May 9, 2014 at 11:48 AM

I'm trying to save a model generated by Random Forest and retrieve it for later use.
I'm using the following code for the model generation:
REngine engine;
// .. some code .. //
engine.SetSymbol("_mydata", sourceset);   // sourceset is the source data frame
String modelExpression = "randomForest(HealthFactor,data=_mydata,importance=TRUE,proximity=TRUE)";
GenericVector model = engine.Evaluate(modelExpression).AsList();
Now, I'd like to save the GenericVector model in any format that can be written to a text file so I can retrieve it for future prediction use.
The prediction code will look like this:
engine.SetSymbol("mymodel", model);   
engine.SetSymbol("pset", predictionset);  // predictionset is the data used to predict
String predictionExpression = "predict(mymodel, pset)";
// predict the results
DynamicVector predResults = engine.Evaluate(predictionExpression).AsVector(); 
I tried to force the GenericVector to byte[], but the class (and its sub list classes) is not serializable.
Is there any way that I can save the model object and reuse it later? Thank for any help.