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Should the Known Issue of Memory Limit be updated?

Oct 1, 2014 at 4:07 PM
The following code overrides the default memory limit and sets the max value on 32-builds of R (4095Mb according to ?memory.limit()):
Evaluate( string.Format( "memory.limit({0})", (this.parameter.MaxMemorySize / 1048576UL)));
According to the Known Issues section:
Custom startup parameters when initializing the engine are ignored on Windows. The main drawback is memory limitations to 2GB. There will be at least a partial workaround for the next version.
Is this still accurate? On my 64-bit build of Windows with 32-bit R images, I get 4095Mb as expected. I assume a 32-bit build on windows would yield the correct 2Gb or 3Gb value depending on how the OS is initialized.