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R.NET requires the .NET framework 4.0 or above. The Microsoft and the Mono runtimes are possible choices on this OS.

The installer for Mono on Windows is a 32 bit application. It is possible to compile a 64 bit version of the Mono runtime on Windows. It is in fact possible to build the runtime with Visual C++. The build process is somewhat involved and not documented here at this stage; questions via the Discussion tab are welcome.


As reported in the issue, Mono is also distributed as a 32 bits application on that OS. If you wish to execute R 64 bits, you will need to compile Mono for 64 bits following the instructions at


R.NET has been used on a Debian 64 bits OS with Mono 3.0.6. Whether the Mono runtime is readily available via a package manager depends on which flavor of Linux you use, but most should have an option. Note that some versions with long-term support may offer rather old version of Mono; prefer to use

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